Think outside the box.... wait, there's a box?

We are here (together, right now) because standing out for the right reasons in your market is getting tougher.  Unfortunately, there’s a dreary, formulaic “sameness” muddying today’s marketing waters, which isn’t doing anyone’s brands any favours.  It’s either the dreaded, safety-first “do no harm approach” or you’re offered a kaleidoscope of disjointed but flashy fixes, upgrades or concepts to drown in – you choose…

Or choose to speak with Line & Length.

We are a boutique marketing and communications agency with a deep and abiding love for delivering unique and powerful solutions.  Ours is the business of unearthing, packaging and executing effective, fresh takes for tomorrow's markets and customers, today.

"I founded Line & Length both as a way to present an alternative to traditional marketing services and indulge my fascination with engaging, eye-catching and, when absolutely necessary, mildly inappropriate communications, copy and content." Marlon "Train" Forrester

Line & Length though, does so much more than creating "pitch perfect" copy and content for publications, profiles and websites. Our team is experienced in all facets of marketing, including:

  • Strategy – making brands, communications, content, channels and commercial work a lot harder
  • Communications – crafting content, copywriting, social themes and messaging, eDM campaigns worth talking about
  • Live, Experiential & Events – breathing new life into events, activations, in-store, sampling & brand experiences
  • Design & Collateral – delivering effective creative, print-ready artwork packaging, collateral and imagery
  • Brand Management – leading the way with guidelines, positioning, creative and campaigns

Businesses, brands and people are relying more and more on trusted experts because time is money and no-one can afford to waste any of it.  Our team was assembled with one purpose in mind – pool our rich and robust experiences, creative flair and expertise in service of delivering marketing excellence to our clients… and to become fabulously wealthy doing it (technically two things actually).

In truth, it’s our drive to achieve and exceed our clients' expectations that keeps us up at night but exceeding our own expectations has us leaping out of bed at the crack of noon each and every day.

So, whether you're a business or brand eager to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment or an ageing narcissist aching to re-write your life story, put it to music and star in an inadvertent 'mockumentary', Line & Length will hit the spot every time.


We deliver on diverse project briefs across:

  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Experiential and brand activations
  • Live and events
  • Dynamic corporate communications
  • Digital content you've been searching for 
  • Engaging short and long copy writing services
  • Eye-catching marketing collateral
  • Creative and design solutions
  • Brand Management and expertise

Here's the Big News

  • We've moved to a larger space - more room for out-of-control egos and even bigger ideas!
  • Line & Length welcomes more new clients to the whirling dervish of controversial web copy and a fresh take on brand marketing. YEAH!
  • A big welcome to our new, newest nameless intern
  • Hello Melbourne, we saw the light on and thought we'd pop in...


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Level 24 Allendale Square
77 St Georges Tce
Perth WA 6000