Marlon "Train" Forrester - Managing Director & Senior Writer

In a world of consumerism fuelled by the next big concept, the next it guy, girl or product, Marlon "Train" Forrester, has assembled a team with over 75 years’ experience - poised to write it, film it, produce, record, present and ultimately SELL it… for you.

As a writer, "Train" as he is known, began his career in short copy for his University paper before graduating to policy writing and soon after became a published social commentator and writer with the Education Department.  A 16-year stint in corporate affairs working with the media and leading marketing initiatives across the FMCG landscape followed.  All the while Train was creating compelling copy across fields as diverse as marketing, entertainment, comedy, sports, music and training & development. 

A sought-after speaker and presenter, Train lends a sharp wit and a touch of irreverence to speeches, presentations and pitches turning every engagement into an occasion to remember.  In addition, Train’s music & lyrics have been played over the airwaves and webstations of 71 countries culminating in an honorary mention amongst finalists in the 2012 International Songwriting Competition.

 “These days”, says Train “every agency worth its salt is a triple threat. Line & Length doesn’t make threats, it delivers on promises. Howzat?!!!”


Keith "KW" Widelski - Head of Marketing Strategy


Iconic media moguls, big brand titans and captains of industry sing their praises; niche markets, broad audiences and consumers of mass appeal laud their creations as economies move to the cadence of their triumphs.  They are the big thinkers and strategists, visionaries and dreamers, creators and mentors of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Let me take care of the introductions.

With rich and unique experience both in Australia and overseas, including a 5-year London stint working with some of the world’s most prestigious and successful brands. Prior to his business successes on the world stage it’s the same old story: bright kid from Melbourne collects degrees in everything from behavioural science to marketing, heralding a meteoric rise through high profile national roles on the FMCG stage, before impressing all and sundry in a career that has positively impacted business, brands and people across the globe.

Key to Keith’s success has been his ability to drive a strategic agenda and manage complex projects with simple, expert and common-sense thinking, while promoting the talents of others and delivering above target outcomes for key stakeholders.

Now a vital cog in the Line & Length machinery, Keith leverages a bottomless pit of influential contacts to drive success in the client relations and development areas of the business.





Dennis "Dman" Van Lawick - Print, Production & Design

"I had promised there’d be no maths in this profile, but nonetheless, here’s my formula for success: 

(Attention to detail + integrity+ capacity) x value for money = Line & Length."  

Dennis van Lawick


It’s a simple equation, and one that ensures quality print, design and marketing collateral jobs delivered on time and at the highest quality and the lowest prices.  It’s that simple.

After almost 20 years spent bringing designs, concepts and branding to life in print, Dman has mastered the dark arts of producing quality collateral at the most affordable rates.  Helming one of Australia’s busiest art, design and print facilities, Dman is resourced to service a myriad of jobs varying in both scope and complexity.

More than a mere portal to the little-known world of cost-effective, full-service print and design facilities, Dman is your straight-talking account manager packaging the best offerings for your specific needs.

A pragmatist and a genuinely decent chap, Dman will also throw in free delivery to all metropolitan areas across Australia.

Well played, sir.

We deliver on diverse project briefs across:

  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Experiential and brand activations
  • Live and events
  • Dynamic corporate communications
  • Digital content you've been searching for 
  • Engaging short and long copy writing services
  • Eye-catching marketing collateral
  • Creative and design solutions
  • Brand Management and expertise

Here's the Big News

  • We've moved to a larger space - more room for out-of-control egos and even bigger ideas!
  • Line & Length welcomes more new clients to the whirling dervish of controversial web copy and a fresh take on brand marketing. YEAH!
  • A big welcome to our new, newest nameless intern
  • Hello Melbourne, we saw the light on and thought we'd pop in...


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