Creating A USP

Tell 'em why your different

As part of helping our clients create their brand positioning statement, we often ask them to define their USP, or unique selling proposition – something they believe they do well that separates them from their…


Identifying Your Target Audience

Your Target Market

Finding Those Who Matter Most To Your Business


For those of you who have had the fortune to talk to the L&L team (Ed. Wow, right off the bat!), you will know that boy, do…


My blog is bogged

Unblocking your writing

Have you ever sat down in front of your laptop or device with the intention of speaking words of kindness, inspiration and wisdom into the lives of your readers only to find yourself, hours later, trapped in…


The Fine Print: business card mania + bonus rant

Some dos and don’ts from Uncle Dman

Are you all sitting comfortably children? Good.

Kids, if it hasn’t happened already, it will soon.  Someone is going to hand you a business card and when they do, you’re going to be…


Intern-al careers

Intern-al careers

The search for the next nobody

That heading is just rude and misrepresents the golden opportunity that is the chance to work with the golden boys with the Midas touch (I like gold).  Nonetheless, it highlights the need…


EDM Black Ops pt 2

Tag, now you’re it

During a recent session we ran on how to write winning headlines that demand “clicks”, there was some question over whether or not to use a tagline after the main title.

Now, we already know that…


EDM Black Ops pt 1

Call to Action IV

“You are the laziest EDM that has ever lounged about, unopened on the Robert Kahn/Vinton Cerf’s world wide web.  You have one standing order and one standing order only, maggot: generate interest and ultimately sales but…


Righting wrongs the write way

The lost art of the letter of apology


So whether you’re a crazed, criminal mastermind whose diabolical scheme to rule the free world has turned to dust because of a meddling caped crusader or a mild mannered billing clerk who…


Meat and Greet: in search of Melbourne's finest steak

It would have come as little surprise that having secured a number of client meetings in Melbourne, I, Train, of Line & Length fame, decreed that no expense would be spared in the search for Melbourne’s best steakhouse.  Facebook, of…


Classic Rant no. !@#$

Here the great Richie Benaud voices his staunch opposition to the disgraceful actions of two of the brothers Chappell in the most talked about public scandal in world cricket, bar none.  In this classically, understated to-camera piece, Richie, with rivulets…


"Watch" watch - from the Pitch Report Oct 13 first innings

What we’re watching

They say the first casualty of war is innocence but the first and often the last casualty of action films is the science of physics.  American football mega-fan and master of the long form (did someone say…