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Pulled Pork

Welcome to the first in an aptly titled segment where I divulge secrets from the dark and murky (but extremely hygienic) depths of my culinary grotto, giving various meats the recognition they deserve. Vegetarians are welcome to wait outside until we are done, there should be coffee, tea and biscuits for you.

Entering the world of pulled pork requires the right pig part and a slow cooker, but let’s focus on the first and most critical element. The standard cut for pulling is pork shoulder, the fatty, non-glamorous and cheap piece of swine that demands respectful slow cooking to create the required juicy mass of porcine bliss. Try and  find about 2-3kg from a good butcher, none of this supermarket stuff.  Let it slowly cook for anywhere up to 18 hours, minimum 6 on high and you’ll be in seventh heaven.

There are a host of great recipes out there, but this one is my favourite, with a few tonnes of additional BBQ sauce before cooking. Heat the pig for as long as you want, before loading it up with coleslaw and bbq sauce on some high quality bread rolls. 

Should you choose to follow my lead, set yourself for a big innings as your Tupperware collection’s capacity will be tested with leftovers for the week ahead.

Until we ‘meat’ again.

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