Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
There is a natural order to everything when it comes to your brand

There’s too much going through my mind, it’s too much to think about and I might just pack it in” – Nameless client.
I was recently working with a client, developinghis brand strategy for a new clothing product that he hopes will make him millions – fingers crossed. He had been travelling for about a fortnight since our last discussion and despite following the expert L&L advice, he had now wandered a little too far off the pathway during his time off and so was extremely stressed out.
Confident that the strategy development work done so far was spot on, he “checked out” while away and started thinking too much about what I deem ‘the small stuff’ when it comes to brand strategy:
  • How would his product look on the hangers in the stores?
  • What kind of stores should it be in?
  • What should he do on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Tumblr?
  • Should he spray paint a motorbike in the brand colours to ride around Bondi and promote the brand?
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.
As you can see, these are all viable questions for any brand and brand launch (Ed. Except maybe the last one), so why are they ‘small stuff’?
The reason I refer to these items as small stuff is because they are executional and should all be done after you have completed your brand and/or launch strategy. Think of it like this. You wouldn’t start thinking about what to pack for a holiday before deciding where you were actually going would you? Even after deciding where to go, you still can’t pack, until you have actually booked it – what happens if you can’t get accommodation or flights? Only when these two elements have been satisfied can you start to actually pack your bag. Only now, does this become a vital part of the holiday, but at no time before.  The same goes in business.
There is no point in losing sleep over the small stuff until it is actually going to be the execution of your strategy and plans.

This does not mean that you ignore them entirely, as inspiration and opportunities always abound, so there is no harm in thinking about them – just don’t let them get you down. The executional elements of your strategy will be far easier to devise and finalise when you have completed your initial planning stages of strategy development. They will also work much harder for you when aligned to your goals and strategy, I guarantee it.
You’ll be pleased to know that my client was able to get back on track and we’re now finalising his strategy, after which his mind will run wild and free on the ‘small stuff’ and more power to him when we do get to that stage. He has some great ideas and L&L will be there to make sure he makes the most of them when he launches. Keep an eye on the hangars of your local fashion store!

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