Business Awards Season Pt 1. … The Entourage Leg

Business Awards Season Pt 1. … The Entourage Leg

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Fashion catastrophes, triumphs, faux pas, pearls of wisdom, too much wine (Ed. that doesn’t make sense!), winners… a loser, red carpet and another great hair day.  Ladies and gentlemen, the 2014 Start Up awards.
So Dman (a director at Line & Length) and I invited our 4th favourite client along to the recent Start Up Awards at the Hilton in Sydney.  The client is the great Andre Williams from the Aspire Sports Agency in LA, he’s heading back there at the end of the month.  Before you start making plans to tweet him my client rating, buying beer and setting up snacks so you can watch us plus-sized guys throwing haymakers, you should know that he’s the only client I considered asking. 
I loved the measured approach taken by Andre and his business partners.  Andre’s agency barely exists yet.  Yes, his crew are highly experienced with unparalleled expertise in their field having looked after Olympians, pro-ballers and tennis players et al, but before their big launch, they came to us - for help, for advice and for chicken.  One delicious jerk chicken feast at my favourite (sorry Aunty Vadz’ kitchen – respect ), second favourite Jamaican eatery later and we had already made some significant headway.  In fact, thanks to a sit-down with us early in the Company’s life, Andre saved a lot of time money and cuss-words by not having to undo any one of these classic start-up marketing gaffes.  Remember this, it is essential to set your marketing approach and plan before you even try to sell anything – including yourself.
Ok, speaking of rankings, here are my top 5 non-fashion related moments at the recent awards night:
5) A nervous photographer recoiling after mistakenly assuming that Andre and I were a) waiters or b) bouncers – I love awkward interactions.
4) Ruslan Kogan’s inspiring and witty (he loves a laugh) 5-minute speech that even won over the always-difficult-to-impress Dman.
3) Red carpet photo op with long-time friends – Dman (a L&L head honcho), Andre (wingman to the stars) and Pete (The Entourage mover and shaker).
2) After-party verbal skirmish with real bouncers – tired and emotional, I accidently told the head guy, “Hey, I’m here to make your life difficult or raise hell.”  Must remember to insert the word “not”.
1) Looking over at Dman, who I’ve known for 27 years, thinking back to the hard times when we had to pool money to make rent and suddenly realising, “this guy still owes me $60!”  

Good times.  Ok, for marketing advice and Jamaican food contact me at we’ll make it happen.

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