Line & Length

Lyrics & Music Production

I pride myself on working with intuitive and highly creative musicians and producers who genuinely care deeply about the music that represents our expertise and your brand.  Ours is a case of musicians making music with musicians… for money (lots of it)”.  Marlon “Train” Forrester ISC 2012 Winner, World Music.

At Line & Length we offer:

  • Record-mix-master production packages to suit any budget
  • Song writing, jingles, backing tracks at broadcast quality
  • a unique, “musician friendly environment” far from the aural intrusions and distractions of the big smoke;
  • Session musicians for hire and project work

Contact us and let’s create beautiful / edgy / cool / loud / bewildering / inspiring / marketable / bangin’ / REAL music together.

“Train” is an award winning songwriter and performer with a host of writing and performance credits on a number of world-wide releases.  With two successful releases with popular touring reggae band, Frieda’s Boss, Train remains active in the live music scene and his music is currently heard across the airwaves of over 71 countries.