Line & Length


Delivering unique, dynamic, creative and consistent messaging

In an increasingly cluttered media environment, Line & Length can help your business, brand and messages resonate with your target audience, no matter what the channel or touch point. We will work with you to define your communications strategy, its supporting structure and messaging – all of which are critical to your business' marketing success and positive consumer perception.

With a passion for the bending the English language to our clients' will and deep knowledge of channels and touch points, we can help with:

  • Channel Strategy  - helping you understand, leverage and maximise ROI from your communications channels and touch points
  • Copywriting – great lines, perfect length, every time. Delivering your best offer to your ideal audience(s) in ways that persuade, promote and attract hearts and minds to your short or long form brand messaging
  • Content – from planning, to execution through platforms, territories and themes
  • Social Media – creating, curating and executing campaigns across popular platforms
  • Database Engagement – from eDms, to top level CRM strategy
  • Website Content – Adwords, Google ranking effectiveness

In fact, Line & Length can help you do anything from determining the correct channels, assessing to aligning touch points, but our expertise lies in creating communications and content that stands out – and really connects you with your target audience.

Is it vital to communicate your brand more effectively than ever? Contact us today.