Line & Length

Audio/Visual Projects

If I see another clip of a CEO, MD, COO, marketing head honcho, CFO or similar standing next to or behind a podium or similar, stammering company positions, results or news or similar recorded on what may have been an iPhone or similar… it’s all painfully similar!”  Train on the standard of corporate YouTube and web clips.

Why sabotage your brand by allowing your top people to execute “to camera pieces” that share eerily similar production values with impromptu party clips recorded on phones? 

It doesn’t have to be this way.  It shouldn’t be this way.

Let’s get creative.  How about multiple camera angles to capture audience reaction, graphics, green screens, Teleprompters at 10 paces?  There are no boundaries.

Whether it’s a short sales update, a conference keynote speech captured for posterity or an obscenely grandiose brand extension, we take pride in offering our clients a range of solutions across a variety of budgets all of which include post-production (editing, encoding, colour correction and more).

Talk to Line & Length about how you would like your brand represented in formats suitable for short clips on YouTube and websites all the way up to broadcast quality productions spanning short and feature film formats.