Line & Length


Great Lines, Perfect Length, Every Time.

So two freelance copywriters walk into a regular bar, order the same drink, say exactly the same things in the same way and leave.  In a neighbouring booth L&L is enjoying a deep and intimate relationship with the English language: spawning professional bios that capture the spirit of your endeavours; product descriptions that reveal the essence of your brands; and features, blogs and content that resonate beyond your target market.  #Let'sgetiton!

Website Content & Communications

Helping you stand out online

How is your Google ranking? Clueless on Adwords? There are literally millions of websites out there. There are thousands similar to yours, using similar messages and images. When people click to your page, we ensure they get the right message in the fastest and most effective way, driving your traffic, click through rate and subscriber list ever higher.

Corporate Communications

Giving you a dynamic edge

Defining your communications strategy, its supporting structure and messaging are critical to your business' marketing and consumer perception. We help you do anything from determining the correct channels, assessing and aligning touch points or even ensuring you have the right tone in your corporate communications. 

Marketing & Business Strategy

Brand, Trade & Category Strategy - tailored for you!

With experience gained working with brands, accounts and products across the globe, the team at Line & Length can help you define the way forward for your most important assets. Let us walk you, step by step, through the approach needed to ensure a successful pathway to your medium to long-term business objectives. 

Print Solutions

You need it? We can print it!

When it comes to printing, you'll struggle to find things we can't do. What's more, we can do them at some of Australia's best prices. Using our print facility based in Alexandria, we can print offset, digital and large format, as well as offer you creative design and environmentally sustainable options. 

Whether it's signage, magazines, brochures or corporate stationery and collateral, we've got it covered and are ready to give you a no obligation quote. 

Lyrics & Music Production

I pride myself on working with intuitive and highly creative musicians and producers who genuinely care deeply about the music that represents our expertise and your brand.  Ours is a case of musicians making music with musicians… for money (lots of it)”.  Marlon “Train” Forrester ISC 2012 Winner, World Music.

At Line & Length we offer:

  • Record-mix-master production packages to suit any budget
  • Song writing, jingles, backing tracks at broadcast quality
  • a unique, “musician friendly environment” far from the aural intrusions and distractions of the big smoke;
  • Session musicians for hire and project work

Contact us and let’s create beautiful / edgy / cool / loud / bewildering / inspiring / marketable / bangin’ / REAL music together.

“Train” is an award winning songwriter and performer with a host of writing and performance credits on a number of world-wide releases.  With two successful releases with popular touring reggae band, Frieda’s Boss, Train remains active in the live music scene and his music is currently heard across the airwaves of over 71 countries. 

Shopper Marketing & Retail Activation

Bringing your products off the shelf and into consumers' hands

At Line & Length, we have everything you need to maximise your products' impact on shoppers.  With expertise gained in delivering a shopper agenda across four global regions, our strategic capability is rare in the Australian market. We can plan, design and implement your shopper marketing strategy, whether working with internal functions or leading the way. 

Audio/Visual Projects

If I see another clip of a CEO, MD, COO, marketing head honcho, CFO or similar standing next to or behind a podium or similar, stammering company positions, results or news or similar recorded on what may have been an iPhone or similar… it’s all painfully similar!”  Train on the standard of corporate YouTube and web clips.

Why sabotage your brand by allowing your top people to execute “to camera pieces” that share eerily similar production values with impromptu party clips recorded on phones? 

It doesn’t have to be this way.  It shouldn’t be this way.

Let’s get creative.  How about multiple camera angles to capture audience reaction, graphics, green screens, Teleprompters at 10 paces?  There are no boundaries.

Whether it’s a short sales update, a conference keynote speech captured for posterity or an obscenely grandiose brand extension, we take pride in offering our clients a range of solutions across a variety of budgets all of which include post-production (editing, encoding, colour correction and more).

Talk to Line & Length about how you would like your brand represented in formats suitable for short clips on YouTube and websites all the way up to broadcast quality productions spanning short and feature film formats.