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"Watch" watch - from the Pitch Report Oct 13 first innings

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They say the first casualty of war is innocence but the first and often the last casualty of action films is the science of physics.  American football mega-fan and master of the long form (did someone say 8-14,000word weekly column), opinion-based periodical, Gregg Easterbrook, has for years railed against the injustice of misrepresentation borne  on the slender shoulders of the laws of physics.  Nowhere is this effrontery more blatant than in this year’s action movie, Fast & Furious 6 (yes six!).   Souped-up cars “worked” to within an inch of their spray painted chassis’ negotiating, at speed, an endless panorama of plot-holes set to a symphony of slow motion, gravity defying car stunts… superb!!!

But don’t forget to put your brains back in afterwards.

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