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The dark arts of persuasive selling part one

It’s not about the product

A couple of months ago our print production & design manager, Dman, brought to my attention a very clever and very funny clip that had “gone viral”.  It’s called “It’s not about the nail”  and it takes us on a hair-raising tight-rope
walk across the “Canyon of long-term relationships”, high above the “Abyss of
silent treatment”.

What a great way to abstractly illustrate the fact that while consumers do have a vague and tenuous hold on practical purchasing driven by the (marketing 101 alert) features advantages and benefits, so often the emotional cache influences the final decision.  To access the emotional buying cortex in the brain, oftentimes a good story told very well is required - one that eschews the dimensions and tech specs in favour of emotive language, well placed pauses and crease faced men staring into the middle distance.  As for TVCs currently enjoying a run in Australia, you can’t go past the Hilux ad.  Pure unadulterated emotion as the heartbreak of losing a good  your best mate dominates the scenes as does a deluge of man tears and despair. Classic!

To sales neophytes, the words of your respective sales Yodas will still be ringing in your sopping wet ears: don’t talk price until the buying signals have been unfurled.  Sage advice.  Let’s extend that notion to include not only price but FABs as well.  Professional bodybuilders have a saying along the lines of “don’t run, if you can walk instead; don’t walk, if you can simply stand instead; don’t stand if you can sit…” and so on.  In the same way, it can be suggested, “don’t
talk price if you can talk FABs, don’t talk FABs if you can just tell a really
good emotive story”.

It’s not about the nail, it’s about nailing the pitch.

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