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Meat and Greet: in search of Melbourne's finest steak

Part way through our ketonic reverie another revelation.  Our waiter, using an economy of words, presents a tray of meats, each assigned an exclusive area, a sort of quarantine so the other pieces might enjoy their own moment in the sunshine of our admiring gazes.

Classic Rant no. !@#$

Here the great Richie Benaud voices his staunch opposition to the disgraceful actions of two of the brothers Chappell in the most talked about public scandal in world cricket, bar none.  In this classically, understated to-camera piece, Richie, with rivulets of outrage wending their way through every artery, vein and capillary, coldly and dispassionately sweeps aside any excuse for what was a truly Machiavellian act, concluding with a tart “Good night”.  Well played, sir.

The Dark Arts of Persuasive Selling Part Deux

“The end justifies the means”.  While we here at Line & Length see merit in the uncompromising drive of megalomaniacs the world over, we also cleave to the Judeo-Christian ethic of “thou shalt not kill”.   It’s not an official Company position but it’s something with which we are all comfortable.

"Watch" watch - from the Pitch Report Oct 13 first innings

...the first and often the last casualty of action films is the science of physics.

The dark arts of persuasive selling part one

As for TVCs currently enjoying a run in Australia, you can’t go past the Hilux ad.  Pure unadulterated emotion as the heartbreak of losing a good  your best mate dominates the scenes as does a deluge of man tears and despair. Classic!

Thinking About Your Market – Part I

To really develop an understanding of your target audience and their interactions with your business, you need to step out of your company persona and learn all that you can about them.

To achieve the OOBE, you must cast yourself in the role of the consumer.

...from the Pitch Report Aug 2013 2nd innings

L&L @ S&S

August’s Scalable & Saleable conference, one of the staple events brought to life by The Entourage and MBE Education...

Worryingly, audience participation was rampant during the treatise on SPAM mail examples highlighting African royalty desperate for accounts in which to stash their millions; Canadian pharmacies looking for growth markets and long lost hook-ups with eastern European succubi.


Now lead with how, through the power of the aforementioned tidbits, you’re are uniquely positioned to solve the problems of the world or at least your target audience.

"Watch" watch

Coke Zero, Heineken and Bond’s Omega watch ‘photo bomb’ (or ‘film bomb’) scenes with wanton abandon, somewhat disrupting my viewing enjoyment.

How grammar faked its own death: a pseudo requiem for a colon

Correct grammar isn’t cool, it is a superfluous blight on the relevance and forward motion of modern education and effective communication.  Or is it?

A premeditated day trip through the world of advertising to youthful urban market segments reveals the nerdish truth: marketeers are “sayn 1 ting” but writing quite another.

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