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A common misconception: great places to gather ideas or read books, articles or blogs double as a great places to write and create messages that will resonate with your target audience.

A small crowd of tourists is applauding the efforts of a huge Samoan doctor hovering over you as you belch chlorinated water and groggily search your brain for recollections of a mouth to mouth encounter with this kindly Pacific Island behemoth. 

Join the dots...

Picture this

Here’s another question – why are paparazzi photos so much more compelling than other pictures: selfies, portraits, office interiors, subtly lit but ultimately provocative promotional stills of foreign films like… (Ed. two strikes already, Train. On record pace).  Ahem, I will tell you why.

By the way, we recently decided to practice what we preach in the area of corporate photography and had our very talented photographer Fiona Stace stop by the L&L office.

Creating A USP

As part of helping our clients create their brand positioning statement, we often ask them to define their USP, or unique selling proposition – something they believe they do well that separates them from their competition. Often they don’t have one, or use a generic response such as “innovation and great customer service”, which I give 2 out of 10 - when I'm in a good mood.  

Identifying Your Target Audience

KW takes you on the journey of really getting down to the nitty gritty of finding your target audience. It's a pretty simple 5 Step Process, believe it or not...

My blog is bogged

Where would we be without pearls of wisdom harvested by those that had first conceived these salient thoughts while thrashing about amongst the sweaty, crumpled bed sheets of intellectual intercour… (Ed. last warning Train!).  Credit where credit’s due, it would seem that Einstein acted alone on the grassy knoll of relativity with his e=mc2 expostulation but impressive as it is, it can’t match this magical list:

The Fine Print: business card mania + bonus rant

When someone hands you a smartly designed business card that is sturdy enough to shelter you from a tsunami, you notice.  Sure, you’re going to hand it straight back after capturing this modern art masterpiece on your device but not before muttering, “you magnificent bastard… or bitch”.

Intern-al careers

...from "The Pitch Report" Feb 2014 1st innings

Those that would wear the mantle of Line & Length “nameless intern” (semester 1) 2014, should prostrate themselves (Ed. ????!!!) …um drop us an email and in 1000-2000wds tell us why they deserve to toil anonymously at L&L central.

EDM Black Ops pt 2

They (taglines) give an insight into what the Company in question is all about – be that abstract or as sharply defined as… things that are sharply defined.  Here are three tips that may help you tell it like it is.

EDM Black Ops pt 1

You’ve all heard it said in one spoof, political thriller, war movie or another before, “never get involved in a land war in Asia and never, EVER write an EDM without first acquiring a target (audience) and firing a “call to action”. 

Righting wrongs the write way

So whether you’re a crazed, criminal mastermind whose diabolical scheme to rule the free world has turned to dust because of a meddling caped crusader or a mild mannered billing clerk who has overcharged a client, “sorry” can be the hardest word to say.  It’s even harder to write!

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