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Not a typo, an experience

A Menzies Hotel conference room full of Australia’s brightest young entrepreneurial minds at 9am on a Saturday morning; the Entourage power brokers Jack Delosa and Petar Lackovic pressing the flesh and overseeing last minute adjustments; Train and Kdub investigating the mysteries of the lapel mic

Nearing the halfway point of August’s Scalable & Saleable conference, one of the staple events brought to life by The Entourage and MBE Education, young entrepreneurs helming start-ups to established enterprises were finding their seats for the morning session with Line & Length.

It must be said that many of the entrepreneurs were new to the Line & Length “live” experience. The programme told them that this was to be a three hour exploration and workshopping of the mysteries of EDM (electronic direct mail).  All would have been forgiven for thinking that three hours of anything involving monolithic presentations screens, a garish yellow sports jacket and a 50+slide deck on powerpoint was the worst way to spend a morning.  Well, yes… and NO!

A rousing introduction confirming the considerable bona-fides of Kdub and Train, writers both at L&L, prefaced what amounted to a feature length stand-up comedy routine focusing on target markets and honing key messages. Worryingly, audience participation was rampant during the treatise on SPAM mail examples highlighting African royalty desperate for accounts in which to stash their millions; Canadian pharmacies looking for growth markets and long lost hook-ups with eastern European succubi.



Yes, a short break later and it was time for Train and Kdub to run roughshod over the well-meaning efforts of their neophyte copywriters.  This was both hilarious and educational as ideas, stories, tips and tricks were exchanged, cascaded, disseminated, shared, leveraged… (Ed. stop!)

All in all, a tonne of fun was had, hands were shaken, business cards and marketing collateral was exchanged and the world was made a better place…

…And then...

Kdub and Train returned the next day for the second innings on the Sunday to participate in 3x 90minute round table tutorials spearheaded by their popular presentation, “A convenient truth: reaching your customers with dynamic EDM”.  At the conclusion of this colossal series of talks and workshops spanning almost 8 hours over one weekend, the lads retreated to their respective dens to consume about 8000calories of life-giving steak, but that’s a different story.

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Aspiring young pacemen of Australia and the West Indies, take note (with apologies to the great “H.G. Nelson”): too much Line & Length is barely enough!

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