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Tell ‘em you’re different

Gregory J Heibbit is a local business owner working in the field of project “I am so stoked that I got tickets to the game tonight” with over 8 years’ experience in the field of “should I eat first or get there early pay stadium prices?” other skills include people management, P&L and “is it possible I produce too much ear wax…” and watersport.

The italics represent the typical reaction of the human brain as it subconsciously
grapples with the task of remaining conscious while reading/skimming through
yet another “cookie-cutter” bio or profile. The hapless author has focused on ensuring that all the facts are present and correct, the text is grammatically sound and embellishments have been kept to a minimum and yet… it’s dull. 
If not for the fact that Gregory is trying to attract new business / sell himself / attract the eye of world weary recruiters / pique the interest of prospective clients, the tragedy of his generic profile would be a victimless crime. As it stands… zzz

So what to do? 

Take a risk and after distilling what is truly important to you: personal philosophy, your point of difference, your hopes, dreams and aspirations (facial tics?),favourite primary colour.  Now lead with how, through the power of the
aforementioned tidbits, you’re are uniquely positioned to solve the problems of
the world or at least your target audience.

The fractured abomination that introduced this article might now read something like this:

Jay Rittenburg, a deranged and destitute shell of the man that once ruled Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial landscape, used to say “the answer is yes, now give me the question”.  Now I’m saying it, living it and bringing success to the door of 22% of wholesaler….

You get the picture.  Note, occupation has not yet been mentioned, nor has tonight’s game for that matter.

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