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Requiem for liveability

A city whose arteries are choked with traffic, continues to stuff itself with high-rise residentials at both an astounding and appalling rate.  Domestic and foreign investors alike, armed with fatty deposits, force-feed the metropolitan area a high density diet of apartments, towers and developments. 

Armchair warriors and their armchairs: Game of Thrones - the office edition pt1

There’s a lot to be said about your chair because it says a lot about you, especially when you’re not there. It’s your proxy, it’s the impression you leave after you’ve left for lunch or to run an errand, it’s you. Your job? Make sure your chair’s doing you justice because yes, it would be a crime to be misrepresented by an inanimate object. The message is clear. Choose your chair wisely!

Knowing right from 'right-ish'

In sport, as in marketing, as in marriages and those that pass for marriages, there is always a right, a wrong and a correct answer (which usually turns out to be wrong).  See, if every correct answer turned out be the right one, ad campaigns would be finalised in minutes, marriages would last forever and horrifyingly there would be no surprises outside the theatre of war and cricket.

Adjust Your Settings...

The lesson: be open-minded, outward focused and adventurous when considering ways to promote your brand.  Feel free to absorb stimulus (visual) from any and all sources.  Immerse yourself in the world and all that it holds.  Like a wide-eyed, 1960s, wannabe Hollywood starlet at her first her first Rolling Stones after-party, simply say yes to everything and if you survive … Oh the stories you’ll have to tell.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

The executional elements of your strategy will be far easier to devise and finalise when you have completed your initial planning stages of strategy development. They will also work much harder for you when aligned to your goals and strategy, I guarantee it.

Keith’s Meats

Entering the world of pulled pork requires the right pig part and a slow cooker... set yourself for a big innings as your Tupperware collection’s capacity will be tested with leftovers for the week ahead.

Business Awards Season Pt 1. … The Entourage Leg

Fashion catastrophes, triumphs, faux pas, pearls of wisdom, too much wine (Ed. that doesn’t make sense!), winners… a loser, red carpet and another great hair day.  Ladies and gentlemen, the 2014 Start Up awards.

It all looks the same to me.

People say that like algebra, you never use anything you learn at university. I have to say that professionally this is largely true, but the dance moves and drinking ability were things that have stayed with me to this day

Adjust your settings

A common misconception: great places to gather ideas or read books, articles or blogs double as a great places to write and create messages that will resonate with your target audience.

A small crowd of tourists is applauding the efforts of a huge Samoan doctor hovering over you as you belch chlorinated water and groggily search your brain for recollections of a mouth to mouth encounter with this kindly Pacific Island behemoth. 

Join the dots...

Picture this

Here’s another question – why are paparazzi photos so much more compelling than other pictures: selfies, portraits, office interiors, subtly lit but ultimately provocative promotional stills of foreign films like… (Ed. two strikes already, Train. On record pace).  Ahem, I will tell you why.

By the way, we recently decided to practice what we preach in the area of corporate photography and had our very talented photographer Fiona Stace stop by the L&L office.

Creating A USP

As part of helping our clients create their brand positioning statement, we often ask them to define their USP, or unique selling proposition – something they believe they do well that separates them from their competition. Often they don’t have one, or use a generic response such as “innovation and great customer service”, which I give 2 out of 10 - when I'm in a good mood.  

Identifying Your Target Audience

KW takes you on the journey of really getting down to the nitty gritty of finding your target audience. It's a pretty simple 5 Step Process, believe it or not...

My blog is bogged

Where would we be without pearls of wisdom harvested by those that had first conceived these salient thoughts while thrashing about amongst the sweaty, crumpled bed sheets of intellectual intercour… (Ed. last warning Train!).  Credit where credit’s due, it would seem that Einstein acted alone on the grassy knoll of relativity with his e=mc2 expostulation but impressive as it is, it can’t match this magical list:

The Fine Print: business card mania + bonus rant

When someone hands you a smartly designed business card that is sturdy enough to shelter you from a tsunami, you notice.  Sure, you’re going to hand it straight back after capturing this modern art masterpiece on your device but not before muttering, “you magnificent bastard… or bitch”.

Intern-al careers

...from "The Pitch Report" Feb 2014 1st innings

Those that would wear the mantle of Line & Length “nameless intern” (semester 1) 2014, should prostrate themselves (Ed. ????!!!) …um drop us an email and in 1000-2000wds tell us why they deserve to toil anonymously at L&L central.

EDM Black Ops pt 2

They (taglines) give an insight into what the Company in question is all about – be that abstract or as sharply defined as… things that are sharply defined.  Here are three tips that may help you tell it like it is.

EDM Black Ops pt 1

You’ve all heard it said in one spoof, political thriller, war movie or another before, “never get involved in a land war in Asia and never, EVER write an EDM without first acquiring a target (audience) and firing a “call to action”. 

Righting wrongs the write way

So whether you’re a crazed, criminal mastermind whose diabolical scheme to rule the free world has turned to dust because of a meddling caped crusader or a mild mannered billing clerk who has overcharged a client, “sorry” can be the hardest word to say.  It’s even harder to write!

Meat and Greet: in search of Melbourne's finest steak

Part way through our ketonic reverie another revelation.  Our waiter, using an economy of words, presents a tray of meats, each assigned an exclusive area, a sort of quarantine so the other pieces might enjoy their own moment in the sunshine of our admiring gazes.

Classic Rant no. !@#$

Here the great Richie Benaud voices his staunch opposition to the disgraceful actions of two of the brothers Chappell in the most talked about public scandal in world cricket, bar none.  In this classically, understated to-camera piece, Richie, with rivulets of outrage wending their way through every artery, vein and capillary, coldly and dispassionately sweeps aside any excuse for what was a truly Machiavellian act, concluding with a tart “Good night”.  Well played, sir.

The Dark Arts of Persuasive Selling Part Deux

“The end justifies the means”.  While we here at Line & Length see merit in the uncompromising drive of megalomaniacs the world over, we also cleave to the Judeo-Christian ethic of “thou shalt not kill”.   It’s not an official Company position but it’s something with which we are all comfortable.

"Watch" watch - from the Pitch Report Oct 13 first innings

...the first and often the last casualty of action films is the science of physics.

The dark arts of persuasive selling part one

As for TVCs currently enjoying a run in Australia, you can’t go past the Hilux ad.  Pure unadulterated emotion as the heartbreak of losing a good  your best mate dominates the scenes as does a deluge of man tears and despair. Classic!

Thinking About Your Market – Part I

To really develop an understanding of your target audience and their interactions with your business, you need to step out of your company persona and learn all that you can about them.

To achieve the OOBE, you must cast yourself in the role of the consumer.

...from the Pitch Report Aug 2013 2nd innings

L&L @ S&S

August’s Scalable & Saleable conference, one of the staple events brought to life by The Entourage and MBE Education...

Worryingly, audience participation was rampant during the treatise on SPAM mail examples highlighting African royalty desperate for accounts in which to stash their millions; Canadian pharmacies looking for growth markets and long lost hook-ups with eastern European succubi.


Now lead with how, through the power of the aforementioned tidbits, you’re are uniquely positioned to solve the problems of the world or at least your target audience.

"Watch" watch

Coke Zero, Heineken and Bond’s Omega watch ‘photo bomb’ (or ‘film bomb’) scenes with wanton abandon, somewhat disrupting my viewing enjoyment.

How grammar faked its own death: a pseudo requiem for a colon

Correct grammar isn’t cool, it is a superfluous blight on the relevance and forward motion of modern education and effective communication.  Or is it?

A premeditated day trip through the world of advertising to youthful urban market segments reveals the nerdish truth: marketeers are “sayn 1 ting” but writing quite another.

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