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The Parsley Resolution

It has been written, whispered and shouted that the road to success is paved with failures. But which failures?  The failures you learn from, that are useful, that make you and your business stronger…  Curious about where I’m going with this?  Me too.  Let’s play this out through the distorted prism of the failed New Year’s Resolution – and of course an amusing anecdote to finish.

2018 was the ultimate warm-up for 2019

So what?!

Two words followed rapidly by two, increasingly dramatic but very necessary pieces of punctuation.  That’s the missing link.  Rather than simply reviewing 2018 and treating it as a mutually exclusive 365 day event before dutifully moving onto telling lies about what you’ll achieve in 2019, why not examine the link.

That’s all well and good but again, understanding the value of choosing the right destination for you is, as always, the difference between having the time of your life in some far-flung luxury resort and having that romantic retreat with that special someone punctuated hourly by the rowdy “Love Island” rejects shotgunning beers on the neighbouring balcony. Worklife can be like that too.

Requiem for liveability

A city whose arteries are choked with traffic, continues to stuff itself with high-rise residentials at both an astounding and appalling rate.  Domestic and foreign investors alike, armed with fatty deposits, force-feed the metropolitan area a high density diet of apartments, towers and developments. 

Armchair warriors and their armchairs: Game of Thrones - the office edition pt1

There’s a lot to be said about your chair because it says a lot about you, especially when you’re not there. It’s your proxy, it’s the impression you leave after you’ve left for lunch or to run an errand, it’s you. Your job? Make sure your chair’s doing you justice because yes, it would be a crime to be misrepresented by an inanimate object. The message is clear. Choose your chair wisely!

Knowing right from 'right-ish'

In sport, as in marketing, as in marriages and those that pass for marriages, there is always a right, a wrong and a correct answer (which usually turns out to be wrong).  See, if every correct answer turned out be the right one, ad campaigns would be finalised in minutes, marriages would last forever and horrifyingly there would be no surprises outside the theatre of war and cricket.

Adjust Your Settings...

The lesson: be open-minded, outward focused and adventurous when considering ways to promote your brand.  Feel free to absorb stimulus (visual) from any and all sources.  Immerse yourself in the world and all that it holds.  Like a wide-eyed, 1960s, wannabe Hollywood starlet at her first Rolling Stones after-party, simply say yes to everything and if you survive … Oh the stories you’ll have to tell.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

The executional elements of your strategy will be far easier to devise and finalise when you have completed your initial planning stages of strategy development. They will also work much harder for you when aligned to your goals and strategy, I guarantee it.

Keith’s Meats

Entering the world of pulled pork requires the right pig part and a slow cooker... set yourself for a big innings as your Tupperware collection’s capacity will be tested with leftovers for the week ahead.

Business Awards Season Pt 1. … The Entourage Leg

Fashion catastrophes, triumphs, faux pas, pearls of wisdom, too much wine (Ed. that doesn’t make sense!), winners… a loser, red carpet and another great hair day.  Ladies and gentlemen, the 2014 Start Up awards.

It all looks the same to me.

People say that like algebra, you never use anything you learn at university. I have to say that professionally this is largely true, but the dance moves and drinking ability were things that have stayed with me to this day

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